Score and sound design for the opera "Ophelia" (dir, Daniel Schlusser, Bell Shakespeare Company/Chamber Made Opera), November 2011
Soundtrack/Sound Design for "Porncake" (dir Pamela Rabe, Malthouse Theatre), April 2011
Sound Design/Musical advisor for "Synchopation" (dir, Stephen Helper) September 2010
Soundtrack/Sound Design for "Sappho" (dir Marion Potts, Malthouse Theatre), August 2010
Soundtrack for "On Air", (dir Yaron Lifschitz, CIRCA), April 2010
Soundtrack/Sound Design for "Madagascar" (dir Sam Strong, Melbourne Theatre Company), January 2010
Soundtrack/Sound Design for "Godzone" (dir Aiden Fennessy, Melbourne Theatre Company), November 2009
Soundtrack/Sound Design for "Life is a Dream" (dir Daniel Schlusser, The Store Room), November 2009
Soundtrack/Sound Design for "The Birthday Party" (dir Julian Meyrick, Melbourne Theatre Company), June 2009
Soundtrack/Sound Design for "Poet # 7" with Martin Kay and Nick Van Cuylenburg (dir Daniel Schlusser, Melbourne Theatre Company), June 2009
Soundtrack/Sound Design for "Secret Bridesmaids' Business" (dir Siobhan Tuke, The Playhouse Theatre), March 2009
Soundtrack/Sound Design for "At First Sight" (dir Gavin Robins, National Institute of Performing Arts), March 2009
Soundtrac k/Sound Design for "Grace" (dir Marion Potts, Melbourne Theatre Company), January 2009
Soundtrack/Sound Design for "Kitten" (dir Jenny Kemp, Malthouse, Melbourne International Festival), October 2008
Soundtrack/Sound Design for "Zombie State" (dir. Daniel Schlusser, Melbourne Worker's Theatre) September 2008
Soundtrack for opera "Antidote", (dir. Rochelle Whyte) Oct 2007
Soundtrack/Sound Design for "Ghost Writer" (dir, Julian Meyrick, MTC) January 2007
Soundtrack for "Not Like Beckett" (dir Michael Kantor, Malthouse) August 2006
Soundtrack for "A Single Act", (dir Julian Meyrick, Melbourne Theatre Company), April 2006
Soundtrack for "The Dumb Show", (dir Peter Evans, Melbourne Theatre Company), December 2005
Soundtrack for"Poet #7", (dir Daniel Schlusser, Catastrophy), February 2006
Sound Design for "Gotharama" (Moira Finucane) July 2005
Soundrack editing & composition for "The Burlesque Hour" (Moira Finucane), July 2004
Soundtrack and Sound Design for "The Memory of Water" (dir.Julian Meyrick, Melbourne Theatre Company), May2004
Soundtrack and Sound Design for "The Snow Queen" (dir.Julian Meyrick, Windmill Theatre Company, Adelaide), August 2003
Soundtrack and Sound Design for "Holy Day" (dir. Ariette Taylor, Sydney Theare Company), August 2003
Soundtrack to "Medea" (dir Daniel Schlusser, Melbourne International Festival), October, 2002
Soundtrack to "Half & Half" (Keene Taylor Project), June 2002
Sound design for "Nowhere", (dir Aubrey Mellor, Playbox), November 2001
Soundtrack to "Phantasmagoria" (perf Moira Finucane), September 2001
Soundtrack for "Insouciance & "The Prodigal Son" (dir Daniel Schlusser/Tom Healey Playbox), July 2001
Soundtrack for "Miss Tanaka" (Handspan Visual Theatre), February 2001
Soundtrack for "Meat Party", (dir. Michael Kantor, Playbox Theatre Company/Melbourne Festival), October 2000
Soundtrack for "Sweet Road" (dir Aubrey Mellor, Playbox Theatre Company), August 2000
Soundtrack/sound design for "Faith" (perf Moira Finucane), May 2000
Soundtrack/design for Louis Nowra's "Language of the Gods" (dir Aubrey Mellor, Playbox), 1999
Soundtrack/design for "The Cone Project" (dir Katie Bowman, Handspan Visual Theatre), 1999
Soundtrack/design for "The Dog's Play", (dir David Bell, Playbox Theatre Company), 1999
Soundtrack to "Raised by Wolves" in collaboration with Regurgitator, (dir David Bell, Handspan Visual Theatre), 1997
film / television
Soundtrack/Sound design for "The Curiosities", dance film (Sue Healey) September 2011
Soundtrack for "Darlo", dance film (Sue Healey) February 2011
Theme music for "The Trailer Show", Foxtel, September 2010
Soundtrack for "The door, the chair, the bed and the stairs", dance film, MIC Toi Rerehiko, Auckland, New Zealand (Sue Healy) October 2009
Station Idents, theme musics and Sound Design for the Showtime Drama, Comedy, Action and Premiere cable channels November 2009
Soundtrack for "Mapping the Body"/film (dir. Louise Curham, chor, Sue Healey) Sept 2008
Theme Music, idents, underscore and Sound Design for "The Playlist" series, (Showtime) March 2008
Station Idents, theme musics and Sound Design for the "Showcase" cable channel December 2007
Soundtrack for "Man Made2" (dir Emma Crimmings, SBS) April 2007
Soundtrack for "Meat Party" the film, (dir Duong le Quy), February 2004
Soundtrack for "Fine Line Terrain"/film (chor, Sue Healey) June 2003
Soundtrack to "Man Made", SBS, (dir. Emma Crimmings), June 2003
Soundtrack and Sound design "Pinch Me"/film (dir. David Bell), January 2003
Soundtrack to "Niche"/film (chor, Sue Healey) April 2002
Additional Sound design for "Rabbit Proof Fence"/film, (dir. Phil Noyce) August 2001
Soundtrack for "Distance"/film (Stomping Youth Dance Company), January 2000
Soundtrack inclusion in the film "The Julien Chronicles" (dir Harmony Korine) 1999
Soundtrack contribution to "Synthetic Pleasures"/ film (USA), 1996
Soundtrack contribution to "Cleaner"/film (Germany), 1996
Soundtrack for "The Web" (episode "The Bandicoot"), Australia 1994
Soundtrack for "Child Star", Mary Oslund Dance, Portland USA, January 2011
Soundtrack for Mary Oslund Dance, USA, January 2009
Soundtrack for "Two Faced Bastard", (chor Gideon Obarzanek/Lucy Guerin, Chunky Move/Melbourne International Festival) Oct 2008
Soundtrack for "The Curiosities" (chor. Sue Healey) September 2008
Soundtrack revision for "Devolution" (Sydney Festival season) December 2006
Soundtrack for "Singularity", (chor Gideon Obarzanek, Chunky Move) May 2006
Soundtrack for "Devolution" (chor Garry Stewart, Australian Dance Theatre/film, Gina Czarnecki) March 2006
Soundtrack for "Vocabulary" (Australian Dance Theatre & Restless Dance) July 2005
Soundtrack for Gina Gibney Dance, NY, USA (work in progress), May 2005
Soundtrack for "On" (chor, Lucy Guerin), May 2005
Soundtrack for "The Awkward Duets" (Mary Oslund Dance Company, USA), April 2005
Soundtrack for "Nothing" (choreographed by Garry Stewart, Australian Dance Theatre), July 2004
Soundtrack for "Held" (chor, Garry Stewart, Australian Dance Theatre), February 2004
Soundtrack for "Wilt", Lucy Guerin, July 2004
Soundtrack for Mary Oslund Dance, June 2004
Soundtrack to "Kinder Weather" (Mary Oslund Dance Company, USA), November 2003
Soundtrack to "Fine Line Terrain" (chor, Sue Healey) February 2003
Soundtrack to "Fifty Infants" (Mary Oslund Dance Company, USA) May 2002
Soundtrack to "Whispers from the Secret World" (opening to the 6th Annual Aids Conference), October 2001
Soundtrack for closing ceremony, "10 days on the island" (Stompin' Youth Dance Company), April 2001
Soundtrack for "Primed" (Stompin Youth Dance Company), September 2000
Soundtrack for "Folding on Forever" (chor Luke Hockley/Canberra Choreographic Centre), August 2000
Soundtrack for "Hydra" (chor, Gideon Obarzanek/Chunky Move Dance Company), August 2000
Soundtrack for "Tarentelle" (chor, Sue Healey/ One Extra Company), 1999
Soundtrack for "Zero" (chor, Lucy Guerin/Chunky Move Dance Company), 1999
Soundtrack for Melbourne Festival's closing Ceremony, "Kan En" (1998)
Soundtrack for "Stung"/Danceworks' "DW98" (chor, Sue Healey), 1998
Soundtrack for "Suite Slip'd: part 2" (chor, Sue Healey, One Extra Dance Company), 1997
Soundtrack for "Suite Slip'd" (chor, Sue Healey), September 1996
Soundtrack for "Succulent Blue Sway" (choreographed, Sue Healey, Vis a Vis Dance, Canberra), 1994
Soundtrack for "Observatory" Installation (concept Chris Henschke, development) July 2007
Soundtrack for UK video installation, "Spine", (Gina Czarnecki), March 2006
Soundtrack for video installation, "Transcriptions" (chor, Garry Stewart/Australian Dance Theatre; rendered and animated , Digital Monkey), February 2005
Soundtrack for video installation, "When my Baby" (Patricia Piccinini) January 2005
Soundtrack to "Closer", Chunky Move's Federation Square interactive installation (chor Gideon Obarzanek, programmed Peter Hennesey) 2002
computer games
Soundtrack to "Dragon Age" USA marketing campaign, March 2008
Soundtrack to "Ice Nine", Playstation2, August 2002 - March 2003 (unreleased)
Soundtracks: "Meltania" (1996), "Terran Ascendancy" (2 pieces, 1998)
conference paper
"Noise, Music and Emotion", Music & Emotion Conference, UWS November 2011
"Audiovision, Psy-ops and the perfect crime: Zombie Agents and Sound Design", Sound.Design.Music Conference, UTS 2008
"P3" viral research project for New Music Australia, ABC Radio, 1997
Soft Ash 1.2-1.4" suite for ABC FM's "The Listening Room", 1996 Remixes
V28 Solid Structure (undone)
50 Speaker Circle Jerk, What is Music, December 2011
EPA performance for Hue Festival, Vietnam, June 2010
"Interplay" surround sound performance for shakuhachi and electronics, Melbourne, November 2008
EPA (noise) presentation for Electrofringe, Newcastle, August 2007
EPA (noise) performance for Liquid Architecture, Sydney, July 2006
Performances of Shinjuku Thief project as part of the Cold Meat Industry label Australian tour, February 2006
EPA (noise) performance for the Distorted Festival, December 2005
Performances of "13 surgeons in the ward of God", at the Totally Huge New Music Festival, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, October 2005
Performances of Shinjuku Thief "Old Europe" project at the Totally Huge New Music Festival, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, September 2005
Performances of Shinjuku Thief project in Germany, Sweden, England and Belgium, February 2005
Performance for Liquid Architecture, Brisbane, July 2004
5.1 surround mix for Liquid Architecture @ Planetarium, July 2004
Performance with K.K. Null, "Soft and Hard", Melbourne, April 2003
Performance at Transmediale Festival , Berlin, February 2003
Performance at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, September 2002
Performance at "Grain", the Malthouse, Melbourne, August, 2002
Performance at Inaudible, Sydney, June 2002
3 contributions to the second "Immersion" Festival, September 2001
"Beautiful Cyborg" - live accompaniment to Japanese Anime selection, in collaboration with Philip Brophy and Francois Tetaz, Melbourne International Film Festival, August 2001
Diffusions in the Futura electroacoustic festival, France, 1997, 1998, 1999
2 contributions to the "Immersion" Surround Sound Festival, "Music for One Seat" and "Mothra '88", Melbourne, 1999
p3 diffusion, "The Space Between" concert, Melbourne, 1999
Live performance of computer music with musician and programmer Larry Polansky as part of the "Reflective Space" festival, Melbourne, November 1996
'K' - a son et lumiere reworking of Kafka's "The Trial"composed and constructed for the Italian Lygon Arts Festival, Melbourne, 1990
Regular Multimedia performances