Original soundtrack for the new chunky move dance production which premiered recently in melbourne, australia, and will tour europe and america in 2002.
Malevolent, dispassionately brutal and seductive by turn, hydra charts the fractured pathways of beauty against the backdrop of classical myth and contemporary technical malfunction. Musically, the territory runs along the dark ambient borders of "soft ash", erupts into a merzbow-meets aphex twin assault, before setting into a serenely meditative stasis of gongs and abstracted shakuhachi.

Limited edition of 500.

warning: Contains trace elements of soft ash.
music composed by darrin verhagen.
mastered by francois tétaz.
thanks to gideon obarzanek, alan lamb (for night passage samples) and the australia council.

t r a c k l i s t :
01. prelude (012 particulate).(3:00)
02. carnage.(6:23)
03. aftermath/H2SO4+F2 remixed.(5:59)
04. sirens.(7:25)
05. seduction:asphyxia.(4:39)
06. candles (013 residuals).(9:40)